night’s end

Rain trickles down the glass-pane windows
and the street light beams through the cracks of the blinds.
The orange glare outlines a vision she longs to see.
His strong shoulders positioned upwards, one arm propped behind his head showcasing
those muscles that make her melt, and that face.
That handsome face looking back at her.
Those eyes,
Those brown eyes,
a look to set her soul on fire.
She turns to meet his gaze, and not a word needs to be exchanged.
She wants to share everything and anything to make him stay,
but she knows this is all he can give.
The flame that ignites each time in between these sheets, is only to be put out by
tonight’s end.
The warmth of his body cannot make up for the cold in his heart.
She reaches for one more touch,
one more look,
one more kiss,
but there he is gone again…
until another night’s end.




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