Passion Never Fails: Why You Should Quit Your Sh*tty Job

Tyrannical bosses, underpaid compensation, and a bunch of bullshit are all common themes we see throughout corporate America and even small businesses. We’ve all been in the situation where you’re like, “do I really need this job?”

But, how many of us are STILL in that situation? How many of you dread going to work or feel like your time is being wasted? How many of you have a boss you just wanna take a good swing at? How many of you are letting your passion slip away due to the security and comfort of your shitty job?  Last year I said 2019 was gonna be the year I got my life “together”. I had no idea how I was going to do that or what that meant, but now I’m here to tell you that “getting my life together” meant quitting two jobs and ending the year unemployed.


DISCLAIMER: I promise this is not a blog about becoming a hippie and meditating under the stars while “following your path.” Well, maybe a little bit but we’ll get to that. Also, the words “shit” or “shitty” may or may not appear a lot throughout this.

Now, if you’re somewhat familiar with my blog, or my life, you know I took a trip to Iceland in March this year. I booked the trip with literally $300 in my bank account while working a shitty full-time job at Aldi. The trip changed my life and when I came back I was hungry for the same exhilaration traveling gave me. It was depressing coming back to the job I hated, especially under new (horrible) management, and I knew I needed to do something for my future. I decided to invest in finally pursuing my personal training certification through a nationally accredited program, ACE. I thought, “if I do this, I’ll be free of Aldi.” Personal training was something I went back and forth about because although I loved the idea of helping others with something I loved and felt deeply about, I really hated what the fitness industry had become. None the less, it was a way out. The management at Aldi was becoming worse and worse as our new store manager was the type of woman you MIGHT could get along with if you were super drunk at a party and really not listening to what they were saying. She was demeaning, dictating, and had no respect for her employees (This is bad management: example #1). It took her cocking her head at me and giving me a sarcastic ass smile and wave to make quit. I was already in the process of starting a new job my friend had gotten me at a local company nearby, so I didn’t even care to give two weeks notice. I worked my last two days of the week and left my keys on her desk. After I left, literally all but one employee from when I was there quit shortly after (This is the consequence of treating your employees bad: example #1).

So, I started at this new company in May and I didn’t completely hate it. My coworkers were nice, I worked with my best friend, and it was comfortable. I stopped progressing on my certification because I didn’t have the urge to “get out” so much anymore. I was also in a funk in my own training and wasn’t really enjoying my own time in the gym. Then in July, I connected with a stranger on Instagram regarding this very platform, my blog! I thought it was super cool to connect with someone who shared a lot of the same ideas and philosophies. He also enjoyed fitness, and it was again, super cool to talk with someone about something you’re passionate about like how awesome kettlebell workouts are. It made me excited to go to the gym again when being able to talk and share about it. The opportunity arose, and my crazy ass did it, and I flew out to meet him and see the beauty of Sonoma County, California. It was kind of lame seeing the Napa Valley and still only 20 years old, but I’ll get over it. California was absolutely beautiful, just as everyone says, and the ability to be able to connect with people across the country is beautiful. I’m telling this story because one night on the trip we were sitting on a pothole, looking at the Pacific Ocean and he was telling me about “how he feels he’s in this weird place in life.” He went on to explain how his job land surveying wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t what he felt he should or could be doing. He enjoyed music but didn’t think it was enough to take the leap and pursue it. He was just, in a weird place. There were a lot of uncertain life thoughts shared and I was trying my best to not go full life coach on him but after that conversation, I couldn’t help but feel the same. When I came home from Calfornia, I had a whole new outlook on what I needed to do.

It was the end of August and I knew I needed to finish my certification and do what was best for my future. I had a week left to register for my exam date and I chose December 9th. I still had a big chunk of studying left but I knew it’s what I wanted, so I stayed the course. Things at work were starting to make an inevitable change for the worse, and all control was given to the new general manager. He had said things to me like, “looks like you actually brushed your hair today!” and threatening to send me home if I didn’t go to the doctor for my nasal issues and a plethora of other unprofessional and rude comments (Shitty ass human: example #1), but I let it go because I needed this job to be able to finish my certification. He was a dick and I would just have to handle that. During this period, I was beginning to have this strong pull toward furthering my education and going back to school. Ever since graduation, the thought of college has made me nauseous and I was completely uninterested. Though as I got deeper and deeper into my studying of ACE, I remembered what it felt like to love learning. I decided to take the leap and apply for Spring Semester 2020. I kept it a secret from work because I knew they would most likely fire me or look to replace if I told them I would become part-time.

Again, things at this company were becoming worse and worse. The GM and HR manager were presumed dating (Presumed=actually) and the GM literally DEMOLISHED a wall so her office would be his, and you would have to go through his door to get to her. He spoke to everyone in a belittling and degrading way and was consumed by the money and power (Bad management: example #2). December 9th came and I passed my exam! Finally, everything was starting to fall into place. I decided I would quit my shitty job beginning of January and I will start training people and going back to school. BUT, life had different plans.  On December 13th, our general manager walked in the middle of the office, sat down, and spoke very hostile and angerly to me and my two other coworkers about how we weren’t doing our jobs and that we were basically worthless to the company if he “was doing our jobs for us.” The three of us girls decided we did not need to work for a company that lets ONE MAN disrespect and walks over 30+ employees, and so, we three quit (Consequence of treating your employees bad: example #2).

I quit my job with no source of promised income once quitting because I didn’t want to work for a company that had no respect for very people who keep the business running.




Now that my (fairly long) anecdote is over, what does this all mean for you? Stop letting the big guy win. Stop letting your shitty boss walk all over you. Stop dismissing what you KNOW you are passionate about because “it doesn’t seem realistic.” I’m not saying uproot your entire life RIGHT NOW, but manifest the destination YOU are looking for. From the moment I walked into a gym, I knew it was my purpose. It’s been a bumpy road since that first day in the gym, but now here I am. I’m ACE certified, in the process of creating my business, setting up different interviews, eager to help change lives and make a difference in the fitness industry, excited to go back to school, and have ultimately shown myself that passion never fails

Never stop thinking, researching, and pursuing what’s going to better your life mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Notice how I didn’t say financially? If greater income happens to be a result of your passion, great! Yet, that should not be the driving factor of why you are doing what you are doing. The two managers in these stories were driven by MONEY AND POWER, and look at how they treated others and the consequences it held. When you are doing something you love every day, there is no price that can compare to that. Helping grow yourself and others > helping grow your bank account and ego.

I’ve said before in different blog posts why people stay in stagnant relationships and life situations due to comfort and stability, and jobs are no different. For 2020 and this whole decade, I’m encouraging you to say F*CK COMFORT AND F*CK STABILITY. Seek support from family, friends, and local connections. Take advantage of government help if you need it in the transition to a better life. Utilize credit cards reasonably to help reach your goal. Learn to be OKAY with being in debt in the process of self-growth and discovery. Work the shitty job until you have most or all of your ducks in a row to quit. Every step you take towards becoming the person you want to be and the impact you want to make is one in the right direction.

2019 has been weird, crazy, thrilling, lesson teaching, eye-opening, opportunity giving, and soul-searching. Am I nervous about this new chapter? Shit yes. Am I more excited about this new chapter though? EVEN BIGGER YES. I know that even if there are road bumps and losses along the way, there is no failing because… let’s say it loud for the people in the back.


Do what you love and start working towards it today.


xx Taleah




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