Half of My Heart: Settling, Toxic Relationships, and Saying Goodbye To Someone You Love

Love. Everyone dreams of this magical feeling and sharing it with the right person. We meet someone and these intimate feelings rush to our stomach and suddenly we find ourselves head over heels. Time passes, shit happens, and now you’re at a stand still. Is the person you fell in love with, the same person […]

How I Started Living My Best Life, and You Can Too

I don’t really know much of anything in particular about numerology. However, I recently learned that right now we’re in the year of the “11,” a powerful number of freedom, self-realization, and understanding of ourselves. I started 2018 off in a dark, self-loathing corner where I felt I would never be truly happy again. This […]

Leaving Behind My Religion: Spirituality and True Faith in the Unknown

Where do we come from? How did we get here? What happens after this life? These are some of life’s greatest questions. To some, there may never be a definitive answer. For others, religion has provided answers and hope within oneself. But what happened when I no longer found peace within the religion I was […]

Orgasm vs. Validation vs. Intimacy: Why Are You Really Having Sex?

Ah, sex. We crave it, dream about it, long for it, and shit, some of us even kill over it. It’s one of life’s many pleasures. Yet, the motives and desires behind our society’s need for sex goes far beyond the mechanics of simple sexual reproduction. Unless you’re a single-celled organism who reproduces asexually, or […]

If Three Wasn’t A Crowd: Open Relationships and the Death of Monogamy

From the times we’re young, we envision our older selves happily committed with another person and living happily ever after. In today’s age however, that cliché, monogamous happily ever after seems far-fetched when most of us will cheat or have been cheated on by a significant other. Could open relationships with our partners transform the […]